Our Learning and Playing

We give our little ones the best possible start on their educational pathway, supporting our families as they travel through their time with us, ensuring a happy and productive journey for all. The small numbers that we care for means that every child receives outstanding individual attention and education from specific members of staff, responsible for their care.

Through excellent pastoral care, fun play and discovery activities, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage, we deliver progression for all our children. This ensures happiness and exploration that will increase skills and confidence as the children grow through the stages of development. Our team observes, evaluates, assesses and delivers well-planned, age-appropriate activities, thereby developing independence and building up self-esteem, in preparation for confident progression to the next level of learning and for big school ahead.

We plan the curriculum in line with the EYFS and look closely at the needs of the individual child. We support every child to progress successfully through the developmental stages; having a go, discovering, and thoroughly enjoying learning alongside their friends.

Educational Play

The children start to explore the world around them in different ways. We introduce the names of colours, explore more mark making and engage in active role-play and construction activities. The children are slowly starting to become more independent and enjoy hanging up their coat on their peg and placing their art work in their drawer ready to show their loved ones at home time.

We encourage sensory and messy play, providing a range of fun, hands-on learning activities; from manipulating playdough, small and large construction, a large variety of mark making and craft activities, sand play in our outdoor pit whilst increasing independence and the ability to follow instructions alongside. We offer our children new and varied experiences that will extend vocabulary, motor skills, imagination and their ability to think creatively.

We place a strong emphasis on dressing up and role play, small world play, and take every opportunity to include stories, singing and music.

The children start to explore letters and numbers and gain confidence in their ability to communicate with their peers and teachers about their wants and needs. We pursue early reading and writing, as and when our older children are ready.


Duchess Nursery has been designed with little people in mind, with a variety of areas to explore, play and learn in. It has been completely redecorated in bright, fun colours and keep your eyes out for our Duchess dragon around the nursery. This stimulating environment incorporates:

  • dedicated role play area
  • themed cubby hole
  • treehouse
  • climbing and soft play platform
  • small, outdoor, all-weather play area
  • sandpit
  • outdoor platform reached by a ladder


Our aim is to encourage independence across the children’s learning and their self-management. When they are ready, we want the children to make choices and decisions for themselves and will support them taking more control during their time at nursery. The age of two is a prime time for toilet training and we are here to support parents through the transition. We ask parents to let us know when they are considering training so we can help. From the minute children arrive, we encourage the children to help themselves as much as possible with self-dressing, starting with coats and shoes, as well as choosing the resources they would like to explore.

Early Years Foundation Stage:

Curriculum areas are::
Prime:  Personal, Social and Emotional; Physical Development; Communication and Language.

Specific: Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the world; Expressive Arts and Design.

The characteristics of learning:  Playing and Exploring; Active Learning; Creating and Thinking Critically; they are the ways in which your child engages with other children and adults and their environment, and they support your child to become an effective and motivated learner.